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A Local Pro-Business Group Supports Lower Taxes and Fracking Upstate – No Surprise There

(WNY) A pro-business group, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, announced its endorsement of a plan conceived by an anti-tax organization called Unshackle Upstate. Lower corporate franchise taxes in upstate NY and elimination of an energy assessment on manufacturers upstate are direct give-aways to business proposed in the plan. By Unshackle Upstate’s own estimates, these direct give-aways … Continue reading

Tough Love from Governor to Local Governments in upstate NY

(NYS) Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) delivered a tough message to local governments in upstate NY during a televised meeting in Albany. Stating bluntly that many local governments have been functionally insolvent for many years, Cuomo highlighted his administration’s push to restructure financially-distressed localities through a financial restructuring group. NYS Budget Director Robert Megna offered some … Continue reading

Sclerotic Growth of Nonfarm Payrolls in Upstate NY

(NYS) Statistics released by government agencies show growth of employees on nonfarm payrolls through Feb. 2013 in NYS lags reported growth for the country as a whole (see chart). Only 1 metro region in NYS is better than the nation’s average – Ithaca, and growth of nonfarm employment there is largely because of the Ivy … Continue reading

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