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Update the Post Office for the 21st Century

(Analysis) The US Post Office is facing financial insolvency from its traditional “snail mail” service. Designed as a means to allow affordable home mail delivery for every US citizen – the private sector would price delivery for many recipients out of reach under a true market solution – technology and deregulation are eroding the ability … Continue reading

Policymakers Have Failed to Restore the Temple

(Editorial) In his first Inaugural Address, President Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) remarked that the money changers had “fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization”. Shortly thereafter, New Dealers began to establish a new regime which would endure through the early 1970s. This regime proved remarkably stable, and it delivered prosperity to … Continue reading

Tether the Market Beast and Restore Civic Virtue

(Editorial) Throughout the 2000s, there was a commonly recurring theme in media outlets about the “greatest” generation. Widely popularized by journalist Tom Brokaw’s book of the same name, the focus was on how this generation surmounted grave challenges in its formative years – during both the Great Depression of the 1930s and WWII, and went … Continue reading

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