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Tough Love from Governor to Local Governments in upstate NY

(NYS) Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) delivered a tough message to local governments in upstate NY during a televised meeting in Albany. Stating bluntly that many local governments have been functionally insolvent for many years, Cuomo highlighted his administration’s push to restructure financially-distressed localities through a financial restructuring group. NYS Budget Director Robert Megna offered some … Continue reading

Local Governments in NYS Face Longterm Fiscal Crisis

(NYS) Emphasis during a week-long conference at the Rockefeller Institute of SUNY Albany is on structural, rather than cyclical, budget imbalances. While the revenue effects from the 2008-9 recession are still being felt by many local governments – especially here in upstate NY, longterm projections of spending by local governments far outstrip projections for their … Continue reading

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