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Toxic Asset Shock Impeding Bank Lending to Real Economy

(Analysis) As US banks still remain underwater six years after the onset of the 2007-8 financial crisis, their lending to the real economy – to both business and consumers, is still falling when measured relative to their net assets (see chart. Net assets are total assets minus intangibles like goodwill). This is one very strong … Continue reading

Banks Still Underwater 6 Years Later

(Analysis) There has been a lot of content in different media outlets about how many homeowners are underwater – when the money that they still owe on their mortgage is more than their home’s current market value. Less attention has been paid to a similar phenomenon among banks here in the US: when the money … Continue reading

Failure to Regulate as Super-sized Banks Grow Larger

(Analysis) Even as investigation into criminal activity at super-sized banks continues to uncover more wrong doing, the trend for both larger size and greater industry concentration continues (see chart). Since 1999, when Congress repealed the provisions limiting bank activities and mergers by the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, the number of banks with more than $100 … Continue reading

Finance is an Unwise Career Choice

(WNY) College students have an important choice to make early in their studies: a career path. While many advisors claim that the outlook in WNY for a career in finance is bright, this is extremely shortsighted. As the industry continues mass layoffs, and more criminal activity is uncovered, working families should better counsel their young … Continue reading

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