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In just one Word, why Germany Refuses to End the Crisis in the Euro Area: “Leverage”

(Analysis) The drama in the euro area continues with no clear end in sight. Recession, unemployment, and worsening sovereign debt levels – all exacerbated by flawed policies of austerity pursued in weaker performing economies, continue to be reported and forecast into the future. Because the crisis in the euro area directly resulted from the financial … Continue reading

Economic Distress in North Atlantic Could Be Worrisome Politically

(International) Economic distress – when an economy is in such a woeful state that fear becomes a prime motivator in politics, is nearing critical mass in many north Atlantic states. It is the stuff of dangerous right-wing dictatorship. The euro area continues to follow a now-discredited policy of austerity, even as it continues in recession … Continue reading

Europe’s Woes a Lesson for Budget Hawks

(Analysis) At the direct instigation of Germany, many eurozone countries are being forced to swallow a bitter pill: government budget cuts at a time of recession and high unemployment. The remedy of drastic cuts to government spending in order to balance a government’s budget during a recession is being forced again – this time on … Continue reading

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