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A Local Pro-Business Group Supports Lower Taxes and Fracking Upstate – No Surprise There

(WNY) A pro-business group, the Buffalo Niagara Partnership, announced its endorsement of a plan conceived by an anti-tax organization called Unshackle Upstate. Lower corporate franchise taxes in upstate NY and elimination of an energy assessment on manufacturers upstate are direct give-aways to business proposed in the plan. By Unshackle Upstate’s own estimates, these direct give-aways … Continue reading

Even Some Republicans Now Make a Case for Curbing Global Warming

(Commentary) A recent op-ed piece by former Republican officials highlights a growing realization among those who accept scientific conclusions that humans are wrecking the environment, and if nothing serious is done soon, the quality of life on earth will get much worse. Unfortunately, conservative populists still reject the claim – supported by science – that … Continue reading

Niagara River Greenway Runs Off Course – Spills Funding Far From River’s Bank

(Buffalo, NY) A local non-profit organization called Partnership for the Public Good critiques how a government-sponsored entity, the Niagara River Greenway Commission, is approving projects. Interpreting its mandate to promote green space along the river very broadly, the commission is currently approving projects as far away from the Niagara River as Wilson, Newfane, and Lockport … Continue reading

On the Waterfront

(Buffalo, NY) There’s just no avoiding this topic here: the decaying steel and concrete structures on the waterfront that blot out our city’s potential beauty. With great and famous architecture, and a wonderfully planned park system throughout, Buffalo should be a brightly shining jewel on the Great Lakes… if only there wasn’t that mess on … Continue reading

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