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The Growing American Rule-of-Law Deficit

(Analysis) Throughout much of US history, rule of law has been enshrined as a beacon to many parts of the world. Whereas other countries suffered from preferential treatment of elites, often aristocratic, the US rightly criticized such practices. Continued criticism by the US Government of other countries for failing to practice rule of law now … Continue reading

Tether the Market Beast and Restore Civic Virtue

(Editorial) Throughout the 2000s, there was a commonly recurring theme in media outlets about the “greatest” generation. Widely popularized by journalist Tom Brokaw’s book of the same name, the focus was on how this generation surmounted grave challenges in its formative years – during both the Great Depression of the 1930s and WWII, and went … Continue reading

Broken Justice System is a Blemish on American Democracy

(WNY) Among many disturbing US trends in recent decades, the incarceration rate is simply appalling. We jail more black youth than complete college, most often for offenses with no apparent victim – especially drugs. Beginning in the 1980s, we see a sharp rise in the US incarcerated population as the so-called “war on drugs” heats … Continue reading

NYS gets a Black Eye from the Feds

(NYS) Federal prosecutors produced a series of arrest warrants for state and local politicians from both parties in the last weeks.1 Apparently unable to internally police reportedly widespread corruption among state legislators, NYS has been the target of federal investigations into what has been called a “pay to play” culture in Albany – where politicians … Continue reading

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