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The Damage Done: Recovery Would Now Require Massive Investment that Won’t be Soon Forthcoming

(Editorial) This content might be viewed as an informed observation based on continued non-recovery of the US economy. Economists have noted that factors of production can deteriorate through years of disuse. This is now likely occurring in the US. Many cite the case of WWII as an example when productivity proved resilient – after more … Continue reading

Is Our Economy’s “Openness” Harming American Labor Productivity? [Wonky]

(Analysis) American labor productivity slowed noticeably in the 1970s. When it began to pick up in the ’90s, many observers concluded that the slowdown was a temporary incident due to inflation or supply shocks. Unfortunately, labor productivity again slowed in the early 2000s. This is puzzling to many, and the analysis here is offered as … Continue reading

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