A note about the data

Most data for analysis in WNY-WJ content is sourced directly from government publications of statistics, or aggregates of these. Some of the graphs are linked dynamically to published data, meaning that changes to the underlying data through official updates/revisions will be incorporated into the graphs. This generates a potential to render some of the analysis out of date, if a revision is such that it conflicts with earlier analysis.

As of August 6, 2013, there is a revision that leads to a misleading conflict in many analyses. BEA revised its method of reporting real GDP to now show chained 2009 dollars, whereas CBO data still reflect reports of real (potential) GDP in chained 2005 dollars. This generates misleading comparisons when dynamically sourced, but should “work itself out”, assuming that CBO will begin to report real (potential) GDP in chained 2009 dollars.


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