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Growing Income Inequality Could Be a Life Sentence at Low Achievement for Many

(Analysis) Data from the Census Bureau show a widening gap between rich and poor in the US. Whether you directly compare the incomes from upper-income groups with lower-income groups, or construct more statistically sophisticated measures, the data show the same worrying trend: income inequality in the US is on the rise, especially since 1979. One … Continue reading

Finance is an Unwise Career Choice

(WNY) College students have an important choice to make early in their studies: a career path. While many advisors claim that the outlook in WNY for a career in finance is bright, this is extremely shortsighted. As the industry continues mass layoffs, and more criminal activity is uncovered, working families should better counsel their young … Continue reading

Education Now a Luxury Item Working Families Can’t Afford

(WNY) Rising tuition at local colleges and universities puts higher education even at SUNY schools out of reach for most WNY families. For youth who do choose to study at SUNY, the combination of crippling education debt and a poor job outlook at graduation equals future financial hardships. In north Buffalo and Amherst, NY, UB … Continue reading

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