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Even Some Republicans Now Make a Case for Curbing Global Warming

SOURCE: "IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007"

SOURCE: “IPCC Fourth Assessment Report: Climate Change 2007”. Click to enlarge image.

(Commentary) A recent op-ed piece by former Republican officials highlights a growing realization among those who accept scientific conclusions that humans are wrecking the environment, and if nothing serious is done soon, the quality of life on earth will get much worse. Unfortunately, conservative populists still reject the claim – supported by science – that it is through human action that the earth is warming. A quick look at the chart shows increases in observed temperatures (solid black lines) since 1900 across each inhabited continent, global landmasses, global oceans, and the entire globe. The blue shaded areas indicate likely paths for temperature in the absence of environmentally damaging human action, while the red shows the predicted range given humankind’s harmful behavior.

Conservative pundits who pander anti-science to their audiences in order to support pro-business, anti-regulatory policies, are doing everyone’s children and grandchildren a terrible disservice. The sooner we begin to seriously tackle this growing environmental catastrophe, the better off future generations will be. It is already too late to halt some future damage, but each day of inadequate environmental action adds to the bundle of future climate problems.



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