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Demonstrating Alternatives to Society’s Organization by Monopolist Corporations: Infringement

2013 Buffalo Infringement Festival poster/flyer.

2013 Buffalo Infringement Festival poster/flyer.

(Buffalo, NY) Today marks the close of the 2013 Buffalo Infringement Festival in the Allentown area. Local artists have presented their work during this 11-day annual festival in multiple venues throughout the Allentown area – in bars, restaurants, galleries, other local shops, and even out of doors.

Although the festival organizers have a clear mission statement published on their website, many of the festival’s biggest fans do not quite know how to characterize this eclectic presentation by artists of their work. This is probably less true of “people in the know”, but even some participants – “infringers” – probably do not fully comprehend the festival’s possibilities.

Currently, production of goods and services in the US economy is dominated by large monopolies organized as corporations. As we continue to suffer the economic and societal effects from the 2007-8 financial collapse, and as corporations continue to rack up high profits while offering little in return by way of investment and hiring, it is important to demonstrate alternatives to how we organize our society, including production in our economy. The Infringement Festival serves just such a purpose, demonstrating to all participants – both artists and audience alike – that there is a more cooperative and democratic way to organize successfully. At the festival’s closing ceremony tonight in the Allen Street establishment called Nietzsche’s, participants will celebrate this year’s successes… including the successful demonstration of an alternative to organization of the US economy by monopolist corporations, if only sotto voce.



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