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Where’s the Oft-cited Local Renaissance in Manufacturing Employment?

(Buffalo, NY) Local politicians, business persons, and policy wonks have set their sites on (advanced) manufacturing as a pillar for local economic growth [pdf] – including growth of good-paying jobs. Unfortunately, wishful thinking tends to trump hard assessment of the facts. Whereas there has been an attempt to claim that employment in manufacturing is on … Continue reading

Even Some Republicans Now Make a Case for Curbing Global Warming

(Commentary) A recent op-ed piece by former Republican officials highlights a growing realization among those who accept scientific conclusions that humans are wrecking the environment, and if nothing serious is done soon, the quality of life on earth will get much worse. Unfortunately, conservative populists still reject the claim – supported by science – that … Continue reading

The Neglected and Forlorn American Worker

(Analysis) With hiring only still at anemic levels since the onslaught of the 2008-9 recession, many workers have simply given up hope of (ever?) finding a decent job, and they have left the labor force. Comparing a projection of the labor force participation rate from a study done by the BLS in 2002 with the … Continue reading

Demonstrating Alternatives to Society’s Organization by Monopolist Corporations: Infringement

(Buffalo, NY) Today marks the close of the 2013 Buffalo Infringement Festival in the Allentown area. Local artists have presented their work during this 11-day annual festival in multiple venues throughout the Allentown area – in bars, restaurants, galleries, other local shops, and even out of doors. Although the festival organizers have a clear mission … Continue reading

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