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Niagara River Greenway Runs Off Course – Spills Funding Far From River’s Bank


Satellite image of the Niagara River by NASA.

(Buffalo, NY) A local non-profit organization called Partnership for the Public Good critiques how a government-sponsored entity, the Niagara River Greenway Commission, is approving projects. Interpreting its mandate to promote green space along the river very broadly, the commission is currently approving projects as far away from the Niagara River as Wilson, Newfane, and Lockport – quite some distance from the river’s east bank.

The critical report rightly reminds its reader of the commission’s founding purpose: to create a linear greenway system of “interconnected parks, river access points and waterfront trails along the Niagara River from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie”. This original vision has the potential to create a true regional asset for locals and tourism alike, but local politicians are bleeding the funds dry by seeking support for pet projects. In doing so, local politicians are demonstrating a failure to think “big”. On this very Earth Day, take the time to remind your local officials and the commission about the importance of green space to everyone, and to the future.



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