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Education Now a Luxury Item Working Families Can’t Afford

(WNY) Rising tuition at local colleges and universities puts higher education even at SUNY schools out of reach for most WNY families. For youth who do choose to study at SUNY, the combination of crippling education debt and a poor job outlook at graduation equals future financial hardships.

In north Buffalo and Amherst, NY, UB serves increasingly to educate foreign citizens rather than NYS residents, because tuition is too much for too many WNY families. State officials rely on foreign countries to send their students – with their tuition money, here, rather than fund the SUNY system so most WNY families can afford it. What was once a beacon of hope to many working families in WNY, is sadly no longer a real option for many because of inadequate state funding.

No one should resent the students from other countries for taking advantage of this system to better themselves. We should instead demand that SUNY funding be increased to put higher education within the reach of working families here in WNY. Otherwise, we are denying to today’s youth the same opportunities that we had when we were once young.



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